The Twelve Attunements: A Spiritual Adventure

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Like Star Wars meets The Celestine Prophecy.” – Need to Read Books

visionary fiction spiritual awakening

Are you interested in spiritual awakening, raising your vibration and opening your third eye?

Do you want to explore ideas about the New World Order, Area 51, extraterrestrials, and UFOs?

Would you like to go on a mind-expanding cosmic journey into the unknown?

The Twelve Attunements is a fun and inspiring story that will entertain you whilst subtly guiding you through a process of spiritual awakening and inner transformation.

In this action-packed adventure, you’ll journey with a colourful cast of characters as they awaken to higher states of awareness and the deeper purpose of life on Earth and in the universe.

As you read this book you will:

  • Open your third eye and see yourself as a spiritual being who is part of an infinite cosmic force.
  • Expand your consciousness and raise your vibration as you explore hidden levels of reality.
  • Enjoy an exciting story that reveals spiritual mysteries and transformational wisdom.
  • Laugh at the global elite as you ponder suspiciously believable conspiracy ideas.
  • Learn about metaphysical topics such as spirit guides, shamanism, energy, chakras and how we are all One.

“An intelligent, whimsical, and entertaining tale full of carefully placed lessons in spiritual growth, the Dark Cabal, and literally how WE are responsible for the future of life on this planet.” – Amazon review

“A great, original story weaving together topics on conspiracy, spirituality, UFOs and extraterrestrials, consciousness, the New World Order… This book will keep you wondering what is going on behind the scenes and the possibilities of change needed for Earth and humanity to survive.” – Goodreads review

“An amazing, grounded, highly visual sci-fi fantasy adventure that brings together a range of themes that us humans have been questioning for some time. The true power of this story will be displayed on the big screen one day.” – Smashwords review

“The Twelve Attunements is an intense journey through time, space and the galactic consciousness.” – The Conspiracy Review

“What an amazing book. Cleverly merging Spiritualism with Sci/Fi, the author really does a brilliant job of allowing the reader to walk away with exactly what they need.” – Amazon review

“This book will appeal to fans of Sci-Fi as well as those who are looking to explore their spirituality, and will have you rethinking your ideas on global politics, your self-awareness and humanity.” – Amazon review

“You will treasure reading “The Twelve Attunements” and become thoroughly engaged in a woven story of UFOs and ET contact. The story has so much profound information presented in an exciting and clear format. This is truly a gift one should give to themselves and to the special people in their lives.” – Smashwords review

“What a fun way to teach the new seeker about the possibilities of what lies ahead! The story came to life in my mind as each character and event unfolded. This is a book I was sorry to see end, but as I read the last page, closed the cover, I found myself wondering about the deeper purpose of my own life.” – Amazon review

“This is a must read for anyone who has been searching the world around them for a meaning or a purpose for their existence. And also for those who just love good reads for fun.” – Smashwords review

“The Twelve Attunements is essentially about the journey to enlightenment, but in a way that is grounded and compellingly readable. Never preachy or boring this story shows how classical narrative & good story telling can introduce concepts in a way that is fresh and easy to understand.” – Amazon review