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  • Are you interested in spirituality, how to raise your vibration and opening the third eye?
  • Do you want to explore ideas about the New World OrderArea 51, extraterrestrials and UFOs?
  • Are you frustrated by The System and where our world seems to be heading?

My debut novel, The Twelve Attunementsis a fun and inspiring spiritual book that will entertain you whilst subtly guiding you through a process of spiritual awakening and inner transformation.

In this action-packed, cosmic adventure, you’ll journey with a colourful cast of characters as they awaken to higher states of awareness and the deeper purpose of life on Earth and in the universe. As you do, you will:

  • spiritual awakening booksOpen your third eye and see yourself as a spiritual being who is part of an infinite cosmic force.
  • Laugh at the global elite as you ponder suspiciously believable conspiracy ideas.
  • Learn about metaphysical topics such as spirit guidesshamanism, energy, chakras and how we are all One.
  • Enjoy an exciting story that reveals spiritual mysteries and transformational wisdom.

“Like Star Wars meets The Celestine Prophecy.” – Need To Read Books

“The Twelve Attunements is an intense journey through time, space and the galactic consciousness.” – The Conspiracy Review

“What an amazing book. Cleverly merging Spiritualism with Sci/Fi, the author really does a brilliant job of allowing the reader to walk away with exactly what they need.” – Amazon review

“What a delight! An intelligent, whimsical, and entertaining tale full of carefully placed lessons in spiritual growth, the Dark Cabal, and literally how WE are responsible for the future of life on this planet.” – Amazon review

“This book will appeal to fans of sci-fi as well as those who are looking to explore their spirituality, and will have you rethinking your ideas on global politics, your self-awareness and humanity.” – Amazon review

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