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Russell Brand: Trump Signals a Tipping Point for Real Change

Russell Brand says Donald Trump getting elected shows that people have lost trust in the current system of politics and are ready for change. “How disenchanted, disillusioned, and disempowered can you be, that this seems like a sensible alternative?” he says.

Brand is a passionate advocate for a revolution of consciousness. He says he suspects we would not have got real change with Hilary Clinton. Trump, on the other hand, could signal a tipping point in the collective consciousness. “With Donald Trump, it is no longer possible to ignore that real change is required,” he says.

He says the change we are looking for ultimately won’t come from politics, but will happen on a deep, philosophical level. “We have to change the way we treat each other, change the way we see ourselves, change the way we talk about the world,” he says.

You can watch the full clip below.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate Change Documentary: Before the Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate Change Documentary, ‘Before the Flood’ is a staggering journey. Both terrifying and quietly hopeful, it outlines the problem of climate change in a clear and easy to understand way. It explains why there is so much disinformation around about the issue (greedy fossil fuel corporations and the politicians they own). And it also offers some practical steps we can take now, if we want to avoid widespread chaos within the next forty years (or less, if some of the more pessimistic estimates are correct). Climate change is providing us with the perfect catalyst to transform into a sustainable world. Let’s take the necessary steps, before it is too late.

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How the Paris Attacks & ISIS Threat Can Be Used to Awaken Our Consciousness

paris attacks awakening consciousnessInstead of reacting to the Paris attacks and the ISIS terrorism threat from a place of anger, hatred and fear, we can see these events as an opportunity to awaken human consciousness to a higher vibrational state of being. One that embraces unity, compassion and oneness. Here’s how.

Every human being is part of the same unified field of consciousness. This consciousness is manifesting in infinite potential across a spectrum, from lower vibrational frequencies to higher vibrational frequencies. Lower vibrational frequencies of consciousness are dark and heavy. They manifest as fear, anger, hatred, insecurity and judgement. Higher vibrational frequencies of consciousness are light and bright. They manifest as love, kindness, compassion, unity and oneness.

Our world is a mirror that shows us our current collective vibration. If we want low vibrational consciousness to stop manifesting in our world, we must shift our collective consciousness to a higher vibrational frequency. To do this, we must awaken to the fact that we are holographic beings co-creating our reality. We must realise that we are all one.

ISIS terrorism is a form of lower vibrational consciousness. People who choose to join ISIS of their own freewill resonate with this low vibrational frequency. Reacting to low vibrational consciousness with thoughts and actions that are also of a low vibration is counterintuitive. Any behaviour towards the Muslim community, Islam, or refugees that comes from a place of hatred, anger, violence, fear or judgement will actually help ISIS.

awakening consciousnessAll potentials of vibration exist in every single one of us. Ultimately there is no difference between any of us. We are all parts of the same consciousness, awakening and transforming in a myriad of ways. Fully realising this would bring an end to violence that stems from a place of perceiving we are different.

9/11 triggered a wave of awakening in Western consciousness. As many of us questioned the atrocities and sought to obtain meaning, we began to realise that things are not what they seem. This led (for some, but not all) to a spiritual awakening. The Paris attacks and the problem of ISIS creates a similar opportunity. We are being shown which parts of human consciousness have still yet to awaken, both in our enemies, and in ourselves. We are being given an opportunity to act consciously from a place of love and acceptance, instead of reacting unconsciously from a place of hatred and fear.

Everything in our world is a reflection of our consciousness. As long as we identify with and act from a lower vibrational frequency we will continue to experience our shadow as it manifests in all of its various ways. If enough of us can awaken and hold a higher vibration, we will raise the collective vibration and our world will change. We are all here to play our part in the awakening and evolution of consciousness. We must come together and realise we are One.

Here’s how to raise your vibration.

(This article featured at Conscious Life News)

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A World of Solutions: Humans Must Transform or Face Extinction

A World of Solutions is an inspiring short film about the need for humanity to awaken and transform before it’s too late. It’s produced by Lyn Lear, directed by Louie Schwartzberg, narrated by Morgan Freeman, and has an original score by Hans Zimmer. It’s a sequel to What’s Possible, another short film that was created for the United Nations Climate Summit.

A World of Solutions states that mass extinction is currently occurring because of human behaviour. We already knew this, but the interesting point this movie makes is that nature will eventually bounce back. And then, continue to evolve. What will be destroyed, however, is us humans. The only species with the ability to replicate nature, could bring about its very own demise.

Ironic really. You’d think that our species would be capable of living more sustainably? We already have most of the solutions. Can we apply them and change our ways before it is too late? Or will we end up being a cosmic experiment that went horribly wrong and a universal example of what not to do?

I often wonder (maybe hope is a better word) if there are other intelligent beings in the universe. If so, are they messing their planet up like we are with ours? Do all intelligent species in the universe have to go through the same lower vibrational way of life until they realise how they need to behave, in order to live as a sustainable cosmic race?

Who knows. In the scheme of things, it may not matter much to the universe whether humanity survives or not. There might be plenty more planets of intelligent life that can carry the torch of consciousness forwards. It would be nice though (I think), if we could.

Here’s the transcript to A World of Solutions. Be sure to watch it!

World of Solutions UN Climate Summit“In the beginning, there was Earth.World of Solutions UN Climate Summit

Paradise. An unspoilt sanctuary of beauty.

The only place in the known universe capable of creating and sustaining life.

Before humans came along, the Earth was in perfect harmony, right?

Well, not quite. The Earth has always been home to chaos and violence, constantly changing through what can be a brutal process of trial and error.

We are a product of this evolution. The first and only species so far capable of replicating nature’s uncanny power of creation. And destruction.

Over time we have literally changed the face of the Earth. So much so, that the harm we’ve done seems irreversible.

We are told that the Earth is dying and we must save it.

It’s a heroic notion, but it hasn’t been very effective in changing our behaviour so far.

Nor is it true. The Earth isn’t in danger. Not yet.

It has survived through far worse than this. But it is changing.

We are in danger.

Mass extinction has happened on Earth before. And because of our actions it is on the verge of happening again. Which means changing our actions moving forward is the one thing that can prevent our extinction.

World of Solutions UN Climate SummittOur best chance for survival lies in continuing to imitate nature, drawing inspiration from its awesome power.

World of Solutions UN Climate SummittConsider mycelium, a mass of filaments beneath the soil that allow the natural world to distribute nutrients and information without a central brain.

It’s not so different from the internet. Which allows us to share ideas and work to form a common vision for a shared future.

Most of us understand intellectually that we are connected to each other and our fate is tied to our planet. But now that we have the means and knowledge to affect change, we have to act.

We’ve already found many of the answers we need in the natural world. The process of changing the Earth back into a place that will support us is well underway. Progress is being made and there is reason to be optimistic.

The more we do, the more the Earth will help rebuild and remake itself. What is needed is a concerted effort. This isn’t a challenge that just a few countries and world leaders can fix on their own. It’s going to take all of us, through actions large and small.

One day very soon, we’ll be asked, “What did we do?”

And we’ll say, “We did everything we could.”

We have to. Because if we don’t, there won’t be anyone left to ask.

We have never faced a crisis this big, but we have never had better ideas to solve it.

This is our only home. You can choose today to make a world of difference.”

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The Rainforest Alliance: Follow the Frog

The Rainforest Alliance is helping to lessen deforestation by ensuring that millions of acres of working forests, farms, ranchlands and hotel properties are managed according to rigorous sustainability standards. In this video, the Rainforest Alliance shows you one way you can help them do this. It’s actually a lot easier than you think.

I like this video because it shows that change doesn’t have to be difficult or extreme, it can be gradual, step-by-step and still be effective. Making better conscious consumer choices everyday, like following the frog, is how we can help create transformation in realistic and practical ways from our very own supermarket. Corporations would have to change the way they produce their products if everyone started to shop like this.

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Evidence of a Global Shift in Consciousness: News and Trends in 2013

(An article I wrote with Ross Pittman for Conscious Life News)

global shift in consciousness

December 2013.

Well, we’ve made it through 2013. Quite remarkable really, considering the world was supposed to end in a global apocalypse on December 21, 2012. Meteorites, tidal waves, aliens and comets… all sorts of spectacular scenarios were envisioned for the end of the Mayan calendar; a real-life record-ratings Hollywood blockbuster event.

What the mainstream and Hollywood failed to realize however, was that all the hype was symbolic of something much deeper playing out in the collective psyche: the completion of one cycle of consciousness and the beginning of another.

The Mayan Calendar & the Global Shift in Consciousness

Indeed. The Mayan calendar and its associated prophecies actually marked the end of one age and the dawning of a new one. An age driven by a more feminine energy and the values associated with this such as peace, nature, compassion and connection. This was never meant to manifest overnight, but to grow gradually in global society as more and more people awaken to realize that business as usual on planet Earth cannot go on.

Here at Conscious Life News, we think we’ve seen some pretty exciting trends this year that indicate a global shift in consciousness has begun. We’re not saying everything’s perfect… just that there have been positive developments that indicate the shift is alive and kicking, and will continue to take shape, provided we all keep doing our bit. Without further ado, we present to you, the Conscious Trends of 2013.

1.   More women became influential leaders.

global-shift-consciousness-awakeningAs foretold by the Maya, women became stronger role models and more influential in society. The UN formerly recognised women for the role they play in peacekeeping and conflict prevention. Rwanda elected a women-majority parliament and the equality gap between men and women narrowed in most countries. But perhaps one of the most significant actions by a woman in 2013, was when CBS correspondent Margaret Brennan helped to avert a war with Syria by asking just one brilliant question.

2. More people realized their governments do not always act in their best interests.

global-shift-consciousness-awakening-spiritualAdmitting they now see their government as the single biggest source of the Nation’s problems, Americans said they are more afraid of their own politicians than another terrorist attack.  We’re waking up to the fact that a wealthy minority use their positions of power to further their own agendas along, often at the cost of the masses and the environment… and we don’t like it.

3. More people awakened to the fact that mainstream media cannot be trusted.

global-conspiracy-mainstream-media-booksProtests against the mainstream media were organised all over the world and people started turning away from big news networks. CNN and MSNBC lost almost half their entire audience. Realising the mainstream media can no longer be trusted to foster freedom of speech and report important global issues, we’re leaving them behind. Sorry about that Rupert.

4. Whistleblowers stood up for our freedom.

global-conspiracy-new-world-order-nsaJust like Chelsea Manning did in 2010, Edward Snowden risked his home, family, life and freedom, because he realised the citizens of Earth deserve to know that governments are building a world-wide surveillance system that secretly tracks how we live, who we talk to, and what we say. Thanks for proving what we’ve long suspected Ed. And, thank you Chelsea for your bravery in fulfilling your moral obligation. You totally got screwed. We pray for your early release from prison.

5. More people turned to alternative news media.

spiritual-awakening-books-media-transofrmationalAs the sheeple scurried away from the mainstream, demand for alternative news media shot up. The rapidly growing audiences for websites like Conscious Life NewsRT , Activist Post, Natural News, Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, and The People’s Voice prove that there’s a huge demand for news that uncovers important and hidden information about our democracies, is for the people and by the people, and is without corporate and political constraints.

6. We started to call for an end to the corrupt banking system.

global-conspiracy-new-world-order-books-spiritual-awakeningContinuing to shine as an example of democracy and human rights, Iceland did something with their corrupt bankers that Americans should have done long ago: they threw them in jail. Meanwhile in the US, Ron Paul called for an end to the Federal Reserve. All over the world, people began speaking up about the poisonous grip the banking system has on democracy.

7. We banned GMOs.

global-conspiracy-new-world-order-awakeningFrom Hawaii to Mexico,  from the EU to Africa, and from China to India, governments all over the world put their feet down on genetically modified plants and foods, sending a strong message to greedy corporations like Monsanto that the people of this world do not want to risk their health or the natural diversity of the planet.

8. We let our governments know we want a better world.

global-awakening-books-spiritual-shift-consciousnessBrazil, Egypt, Italy, Bangladesh, Turkey, Chile, U.K., Ukraine, South Africa… we took to the streets en-masse to make it known to our governments what we will and won’t accept, and to show we want change. Acknowledgment of where things are at is the first step of awakening, and we saw lots of evidence this year that highlights people are doing just that.

9. Celebrities helped to raise awareness of the global shift.

Russell Brand revolution of consciousnessRussell Brand became a prominent speaker about the global shift, calling for a revolution of consciousness. Along with celebrities such as Oliver Stone, Michael Ratner, Moby, and Maggie Gyllenhaal, Brand also took part in a powerful short film about Bradley Manning and the importance of whistle-blowing. The world’s authors banded together to sign an anti-surveillance petition and singer Ben Lee released an album infused with ideas about spiritual awakening and inner work, donating all of his royalties to charity in the process.

10.  Governments started making decisions that favoured the people over the corporations and the military industrial complex.

global-awakening-shift-spiritual-booksOne of the biggest surprises of the year was Britain’s decision not to support a US-led strike on Syria. It seems the UK government did actually learn something in the aftermath of Iraq. Not only that, but in saying no to the US, the UK sent a strong message to other governments that you don’t have to agree with the world’s superpower all the time and you can still stay friends. In Malaysia, the government decided to cut fuel subsidies so they could fund the poor. And in Peru, the poorest citizens were given solar power while the natives of Brazil started to get back their land rights.

11. We started waking up the intelligence of nature and the animal kingdom.

global-shift-consciousness-books-spiritualDiscovering that it’s possible to communicate with animals and work with them to create solutions, we began to awaken to the complex intelligences of nature and how sacred and interconnected consciousness really is. All of life on planet Earth is of value and we must treat it with respect for future generations.

Areas We Can Improve On In 2014 and Beyond

It’s important that we all keep doing what we can to help the shift unfold. Don’t underestimate the difference you can make, we are all equally responsible. Here’s a list of things you can do in 2014 and beyond to continue strengthening the global shift in consciousness.

1. Care more about stuff that doesn’t appear to affect you.

global-awakening-movementEveryone should be out protesting the ongoing use of American drones to kill innocent people in Pakistan and Yemen. Innocent civilians don’t deserve to be blown up while gardening in their own back yard or attending a wedding. If people in the US were being killed by drones when they stepped outside of their homes, there’d be an uproar. Yet, that is precisely what’s happening in Pakistan and Yemen, and very few people in the U.S. seem to care.

When the Rehman family traveled halfway around the world from Pakistan to tell the story about the killing of their grandmother (who was gardening in her own back yard at the time), only five members of Congress bothered to show up.  13-year old Zubair Rehman, who was seriously injured by the same drone strike that killed his grandmother, gave the following harrowing testimony:

I no longer love blue skies.  In fact, I now prefer gray skies.  The drones do not fly when the skies are gray, and for a short period of time, the mental tension and fear eases.”

Imagine being terrified of going outside except on cloudy days.  The drone strikes and other crimes against humanity must not be allowed to continue.  The point here is not to dwell on the negative, but to care enough about your fellow human beings to spend a few minutes signing a petition and/or contacting your congressperson.  If we don’t care enough to take action, then how can we expect our politicians to care?

global shift in consciousness

Collective Consciousness: We are all One

It’s vitally important to have compassion for all beings and do what we can to create change.  As Albert Einstein said, we must strive to widen our circle of compassion:

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feeling as something separated from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness.

“This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Nobody is able to achieve this completely, but the striving for such achievement is in itself a part of the liberation and a foundation for inner security.”

2. Vote for better leaders.

global-conspiracy-awakening-books-new-world-orderIn the November 2012 (close enough to 2013) presidential elections, none of the third party candidates in the US received even one percent of the vote. People in the U.S. need to wake up to the fact that the 2-party system is broken and provides merely an illusion of voting (here’s why). Promises of change by the 2-party candidates are empty at best, as evidenced by Barak Obama promising change and then breaking many of his key campaign promises.

In Australia, although Julian Assange’s new Wikileaks Party obtained 88,000 votes in the Australian Federal election, it wasn’t enough to secure him a seat in the Senate. A lot of people who are critical about the system don’t vote and this attitude is really self-defeating.

Make sure you get out there and vote for the people who are trying to create real change in the system… this is by far one of the most powerful actions you can take to protect the world and your civil rights.

3. Support your fellow global awakeners.

global-awakening-occupy-movementDo whatever you can to support the global awakening.  Every action matters.  Consider participating in or starting a local Thrive Solutions Hub or Bond group.  Donate your time and skills to important projects and reach out and offer to help with meaningful causes. You’d be surprised how hard people are working and they can always use extra pairs of hands.

It’s important to tackle areas that you are passionate about and work with those who are like minded, even if they might be seen in the old paradigm business model as your “competitors.”

If your circumstances don’t enable you to do as much as you’d like to help raise global consciousness, support people who are in whatever way you can. Keep getting your news from alternative media and share important issues and meaningful causes with others. Raise your vibration. And, lend a helping hand when you can.

4. Lead by example.

global-awakening-spiritual-shift-booksSome people aren’t ready to wake up and there’s no point trying to force them, it can just make things worse. Instead, lead by example. Make conscious choices as a consumer and strive to integrate the new paradigm into your life more every day.

And finally, remember the words of Margaret Mead:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

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2013 – How We Got Our Shift Together

spiritual+awakening+jobsDecember 2013

An article I wrote at the end of 2013 about how the global shift in consciousness unfolded throughout the year…

After all the hype surrounding December 21, 2012 and the climax of the Mayan Calendar, those of us on the spiritual path were intrigued to see what 2013 had in store. 2012 was really just the beginning. Ahead of us lay a blank slate of possibility and a new mix of energies… we skipped into the year ahead, wondering what the universe would bring and hoping the path would keep unfolding.

And it did. In many ways, 2013 has been more transformational than 2012. We’ve chiseled away at the old paradigm in doable ways, we’ve overcome challenges as we’ve grounded the new paradigm more prominently into our lives, and we’ve grown more spiritually mature as we’ve started to accept what’s required to create lasting change.


Global Shift in Consciousness

Indeed. Awakening and transformation isn’t about bringing the system down or revolutionising the world in one day. It’s a slow and steady journey that must be taken step by step. Not only that, but we need to work with the system, not outside it or against it. We’re all connected and it’s only by working together and having compassion for where everyone is at that we can create a better world.

I don’t think we’re meant to be any further along or behind than where we’re at right now. Earth is a perfectly designed reality that reflects our current vibration and state of being back to us. Accepting this whilst having gratitude for how far we’ve already come is a critical part of the healing process.

Spiritual-purposeThat does’t mean we shouldn’t strive to shift the destructive paradigm that’s eating away at our planet. It just means being aware that each challenge we face, both personally and collectively, is necessary for our growth. This is how we climb towards our potential and there’s no point getting angry or upset when others (or ourselves) don’t behave how we think they should.

There will be plenty more challenges ahead and many will probably have to reach a tipping point before we can change our ways. But this is the ride we all signed up for and nobody said it was going to be easy. Keep going fellow beings… it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and in the end, it’s really all about the journey anyway. Here’s to 2014… may it be everything we need it to be.

(This article featured at Conscious Life News).

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