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How to Make a Spiritual Altar

how to make a spiritual altar

My Spiritual Altar

A spiritual altar (sometimes called a personal altar) is a place of focus for spiritual awakening and inner transformation. It’s where you can set intentions, express gratitude, meditate, reflect, and call on your spirit guides for help. A spiritual altar will help you to raise your vibration and deepen your connection with spirit.

In this article, I will show you how to make a spiritual altar and how to use it.

Why Make a Spiritual Altar?

Spiritual awareness helps us to live more harmoniously. Life is ultimately a spiritual journey. We are all interconnected and our planet is a sacred and divine place. The more we can cultivate this awareness, the more we can overcome the destructive thinking and global issues that threaten our world. Even though your personal spiritual awareness may seem insignificant in the scheme of things, whatever work you do to awaken, heal and transform will ultimately help to shift energy and raise consciousness at the collective level, too.

Designing a Spiritual Altar

There is no right or wrong way to make a spiritual altar. As long as it is meaningful to you, it can be big or small, fancy or casual, busy or simple.

Some of the items you can make your spiritual altar with are:

how to make a spiritual altar

Crystals, incense, candles, salt lamps, statues, paintings, shells, flowers, pine cones, feathers, photographs, trinkets, pictures, tarot and oracle cards, runes, shamanic tools, and gifts from loved ones.

You can use the following questions to get ideas for your spiritual altar. Make a list and collect the items. You can make a basic spiritual altar today and add to it over time.

What aspects of your life would you like to honour? What objects could symbolise those aspects?

Which areas of spiritual seeking currently resonate with you? What can you find to symbolise those areas?

What is your purpose or soul task? What objects could symbolise this?

Which people have played an important role in your spiritual journey so far? Have they given you any meaningful gifts? Is there an object that could symbolise what you’ve learnt from them?

Are there any deities you’re drawn to at the moment?

What other items would you like to include?

 how to make a spiritual altarHow to Make a Spiritual Altar

1. Pick a Good Spot.

Find a location in your home that you can dedicate solely to your spiritual altar. Pick somewhere like a bookshelf, windowsill, mantlepiece or table. I’ve had altars in all sorts of places in different houses over the years.

2. Set up the Space.

Find a nice scarf or a piece of material and lay it across your designated space.

3. Decorate Away!

Put something special in the middle of your spiritual altar, such as a statue, a large crystal, an object or a photograph. Then, decorate around it with the rest of your sacred objects. There’s no right or wrong way to arrange your spiritual altar. Have fun and go with the flow!

How to Use a Spiritual Altar

Spend a few minutes each morning at your spiritual altar. Call on your spirit guides and set an intention for your day.

In the evenings, light some candles on your altar and reflect on three positive things you achieved or experienced during the day. This practice is very powerful and will help you to raise your vibration.

Use your spiritual altar as a focal point for meditation.

Pick a tarot card and stand it in the middle of your spiritual altar for a few days. During this time, reflect on the meaning, how this energy is manifesting, and what possible learnings there might be.

Place objects on your spiritual altar that symbolise your goals. This will help you to manifest your goals more easily, because you’ll be sending more energy and focus to them.

At different times throughout the year, find seasonal objects (pine cones, fresh flowers, berries etc) and place them on your spiritual altar to honour the changing of the seasons and your connection with the Earth/Gaia.

Cleaning a Spiritual Altar

how to make a spiritual altar

Just as it is important to get your own energy healing and rebalancing every so often, it is important to clean your spiritual altar and the objects on it from time to time, too. This symbolises letting go of the past and allowing new energies to come into your life.

Every three months or so is a good timeframe. If you have crystals, cleanse them in salt water. Change or wash your altar cloth and give your items a good dust. Remove anything that no longer holds meaning and place new items on your spiritual altar instead.

We’re always morphing and transforming, being and becoming…use your spiritual altar to symbolise new phases of your journey of spiritual awakening and inner transformation.

Please email me a photo of your spiritual altar when you’ve made it. I’d love to see it!

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How To Open Your Chakras – As Explained In a Children’s TV Show

A great clip for kids and adults alike to help you understand how to open your chakras. In this scene from the American children’s television series, Avatar: The Last Airbender, a wise old nomad called Guru teaches a boy called Aang how to open each of his seven chakras. He also learns about the four elements and how everything is connected.

What are Chakras?

Chakras are spinning vortexes that receive and transmit vibrational frequencies through and around the body. Traditionally, there are thought to be seven. They are located from the base of the spine, all the way up to the crown of the head. Each chakra facilitates the flow of life force or chi energy (a fine, higher vibrational frequency) through the organs and glands surrounding it, and through the meridian system. Each chakra corresponds holographically to different energies of our life’s journey. They filter specific vibrational frequencies relating to the personal lessons we are here to learn, such as:

  • how to open your chakras

    Base chakra: frequencies relating to safety, stability and survival.

  • Sacral chakra: frequencies relating to creativity, sexuality and abundance.
  • Solar plexus chakra: frequencies relating to personal power, confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Heart chakra: frequencies relating to love, joy and compassion.
  • Throat chakra: frequencies relating to verbal-expression, communication and speaking one’s truth.
  • Third eye chakra: frequencies relating to intuition, clarity, knowing and wisdom.
  • Crown chakra: frequencies relating to spirituality, cosmic consciousness and enlightenment.

The chakras also play an important role in spiritual awakening. When we expand our consciousness and awaken to higher levels of awareness, the chakras reciprocally activate, allowing greater levels of energy and higher vibrational frequencies into our bodies.

The Top 10 Reasons to Open Your Third Eye & Contact Your Spirit Guides

spirit guides third eyeYour friends and family will probably think you’re a few chakras short of an aura (after all, most grown adults don’t usually talk to imaginary friends) but opening your third eye and contacting your spirit guides is a lot of fun and it can improve your life in countless ways.

Indeed. Aside from the colourful characters you can meet and the mind-altering visions you can receive, there are plenty of reasons to make like a shaman and give this mysterious path of spiritual awakening a whirl. Here’s my top ten…

1. Live your purpose with more ease and flow.

Living your purpose is a challenging journey. There are many twists and turns along the way and a whole bunch of energies to sift through. Spirit guides can assist you when you get stuck, when you want extra clarity, or when you just need some friendly encouragement to keep going.

2. Get insightful relationship advice.

Want to manifest a soul mate or twin flame relationship? Spirit guides help you understand what barriers you might have to creating your ideal relationship and how to be your true self, so you can attract the right partner for you at the right time.

open your third eye spirit guides3. Make better business decisions.

If traditional business or coaching advice doesn’t resonate, don’t panic. Spirit guides will give you custom-tailored advice aligned with your core values. It’s like having your own personal board members on stand-by, happy and willing to work for free. :)

4. Increase your self-love and self-acceptance.

Your spirit guides will give you unconditional love and will be always be there for you in times of need. Just this in itself can be enough to transform both your relationship with yourself and consequently, your relationship with others.

5. Manifest new projects and goals.

Whether it’s a creative endeavour, a business project or even something like house hunting, spirit guides love to help manifest all sorts of things. From chance encounters to ideas suddenly popping into your head, once you’ve set your intention, called your spirit guides in and started taking action, you’ll be surprised how quickly things start falling into place.

6. Let go of indecision and confusion in all areas of your life.

Being able to call upon your personal spiritual A-Team in times of need comes in very, very handy. You can seek guidance on challenges you’re currently facing, get new insights and understandings about your problems and clear away any indecision, doubt or confusion you’ve been experiencing. Phew.

7. Laugh more often at life and yourself.

Spirit guides have a brilliant sense of humour and often use it to help you take yourself and life less seriously. A lot of anxiety and tension can be overcome when we start to see the funny side of things.

8. Get free hugs!

Well okay, not real hugs; but spirit guides do love to give healings. Whether you’re a practitioner or just interested in spiritual healing for yourself, spirit guides come up with all sorts of weird and wonderful ways to help you heal.

9Grow spiritually and raise your vibration.

This may seem a tad obvious, but above all, spirit guides empower you to live to your highest potential. As you do this, you’ll raise your vibration and invite more compassion, happiness and fulfilment in your life. Who wouldn’t want that?

open third eye spirit guides contact10Deepen your connection with spiritual and multidimensional reality.

We are awakening to realise there is much more to reality and consciousness than we previously thought. Spirit guides serve as entertaining hosts to this realm and as you traverse these unchartered territories with them, you’ll come to see yourself as a powerful, multidimensional being who resides in an interconnected, divine universe. 

Imagine if everyone could awaken to this awareness; what a world it would be!

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What Are Spirit Guides? Are They Real?

open third eyeWhat are spirit guides and do they really exist? Are visions of the third eye real? How do you know you’re not just making it all up inside your own head?

Long-haired monsters, griffins with walking sticks, polar bears who stand on their two hind legs…I’ve met all sorts of weird and wonderful spirit guides over the years whilst journeying to the invisible realms. The information they have shared with me has been brilliant; if perhaps a little cryptic at times.

Just this morning I was doing a shamanic journey… I was on the deck of an old-fashioned pirate ship with a whole crew of spirit guides of various shapes and sizes, watching as they made ready to set sail through misty waters for a sunnier destination. The captain assured me that once we got to wherever it was we were going, I’d be a lot happier about the problem I was seeking guidance on. He told me to get on with my day and trust they were taking care of the rest. So, that’s what I’ve been doing. And I must say, so far, so good.

spirit guides contact third eye 1Intuitive & Mystical Visions

If you think this kind of experience is a bit strange, you’d be correct. Intuitive and mystical visions of the third eye aren’t provable by science and they don’t fit with the dominant paradigm that permeates our society. Even after all these years of shamanic journeying (that’s the technique I use to open the third eye and receive the visions) I still occasionally wonder if I’m just making it all up inside my own head.

How do you know if your visions and journeys are real?

My clients are the same. When they first open the third eye and encounter a spirit guide, one of the first questions they usually ask is, “How do I know if it’s real Cass?”

My response is always this: “You don’t. I don’t. How can we, when humans don’t even know what the very basis of reality is?”

Indeed. There are so many different ways of looking at reality, that trying to come to any sort of conclusion about what spirit guides are and whether or not they’re real is quite impossible.

third eye visions spirit guidesQuantum Physics – What is Reality?

Take quantum physics for example. Quantum physics is the study of particles at the smallest scale possible and the attempted explanation of those results. I say attempted explanation, because the results obtained have been rather wacky and don’t fit with our conventional way of thinking. In some cases, they even contradict one another.

This has left many a quantum physicist scratching their head as they’ve attempted to come up with an explanation. As a consequence, we’ve got all sorts of bizarre theories about reality, from matter being an illusion created by vibrating energy fields of subatomic particles, to information being present everywhere at the same time, to the possibility that we are all living in a giant computer simulation.

Then there’s string theory. That eyebrow-raising stuff proposes that there are lots of hidden dimensions curled up inside others that we can’t see – stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

Extraterrestrial Life in Our Universe

spirit guides extraterrestrial 2

To complicate matters further, we now know that there are over 600 billion planets in our galaxy, 500 million of which most likely reside in the habitable zone, where conditions are best to support life. Considering there are over 200 billion galaxies in our universe, I figure the question is no longer, “Does life exist elsewhere in our universe?” But, “How advanced is extraterrestrial consciousness?”

Different Dimensions of Reality

Could more advanced life have found a way to traverse the hidden dimensions of reality in our universe that string theory suggests exist? As intelligent beings evolve, could they develop more acute senses, perhaps even extra-sensory perceptions such as psychic abilities? Could more advanced beings already be aware of us primitive humans? Perhaps even be guiding us to awaken to higher levels of understanding in subtle and non-intrusive ways? Incidentally, if they are, they might want to hurry up.

Even though we don’t know what spirit guides are and whether or not they’re “real”, we do have a few theories. Here is a list of some of the types of spirit guides people have encountered:

The Different Types of Spirit Guides You Can Meet…

Astral Beings

Beings from a higher vibrational dimension known as the Astral Realm. It’s said you can exist in this dimension when you’ve harmonised your energies and evolved to a higher state. These guides are often visualised as ethereal-like beings; think angels, ascended masters and so on.

third eye visions extraterrestrial 5Extraterrestrials

As I was saying before, there could well be alien beings with advanced levels of consciousness that can communicate to us in subtle and complex ways. Some people claim to have contacted Pleiadian and Arcturian beings from other star systems in our galaxy.

Dead Relatives and Ancestors

Spirits of close personal ancestors or relatives who have lived here on Earth and are now existing in another dimension in some shape or form after passing on from this life. I’ve encountered some of these on several occasions.

The Higher Self

A higher form of our soul vibration that exists in a different dimension of reality. This is often experienced as a communication with a deeper and wiser part of yourself. It’s a shame more of our politicians and corporate CEOs don’t talk to their higher selves. Then again, maybe they don’t have any; that would explain a lot.

third eye mushroomsAnimal Spirits

These spirit guides tend to pop up in shamanic journeying. They’re thought of as the spirit of the collective of the animals or creatures rather than individual animals themselves.

Complex Plant Intelligences

Spirit guides and entities encountered when working with shamanic medicine plants such as ayahuasca. These guides are usually very complex, multidimensional and embody a deep, all-encompassing, powerful intelligence. You do not wanna mess with these guides.

open your third eye spiritual awakeningElementals such as fairies, sprites, nymphs and pixies

Nature-like spirits that exist in a different dimension that runs parallel to our own and who care for the natural world. Cute.

Stay Open-Minded

And the list goes on. We will probably never know for certain what spirit guides are and whether or not they’re real (not in this lifetime anyway). So rather than waste your time trying to come up with a rational explanation, be open to whatever form your spirit guides appear in to you and work with these visions in terms of the wisdom and awareness they can bring to your life instead.

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