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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate Change Documentary: Before the Flood

Before the Flood

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Climate Change Documentary, ‘Before the Flood’ is a staggering journey. Both terrifying and quietly hopeful, it outlines the problem of climate change in a clear and easy to understand way. It explains why there is so much disinformation … Continue reading

The Best Dystopian Movies: Awakening, Deprogramming & Revolution

best dystopian movies equilibrium

The best dystopian movies cause us to question current human behaviour, ponder trends in society, and think about where our world is heading. Because of this, these movies can be subtle yet powerful tools for awakening and change. In this … Continue reading

Ben Lee on Ayahuasca, Spiritual Awakening and Global Transformation

Ben Lee talks about ayahuasca, inner work, spiritual awakening, the global shift in consciousness and planetary transformation. Continue reading

Inspiring New Russell Brand Revolution Video – The Time is Now!

russell brand awakening

Showcasing the best of Russell Brand’s ideas on why we need a revolution in consciousness alongside a moving soundtrack, this video summarises everything from the problems of the current corporate and political elite system, to the philosophy of the Occupy movement, to the need for a spiritual awakening in which we all recognise love, compassion and oneness. Continue reading

Short Films with a Spiritual Message – Tragedy and Hope

tragedy and hope

An interview I did with a filmmaker who produces short films with a spiritual message… I love speaking to inspiring and enthusiastic people who are doing their bit to help with the planetary shift. Writers, filmmakers, activists and artists… there’s an ever … Continue reading

Alan Watts Inspiration – The Real You

More Alan Watts inspiration. In this wonderful video, Alan Watts talks about how we can wake up to realise we are the eternal experience of the universe. “Everybody is I, you all know you’re you, and wheresoever beings exist throughout all … Continue reading

Neurons to Nirvana – How Psychedelics Help With Healing & Spiritual Growth

October 2013 Neurons to Nirvana is a documentary that shows how psychedelics help with healing and spiritual growth. Psychedelics need to be made available for widespread medicinal research. They can be extremely effective in the treatment of anxiety, depression and … Continue reading