In this video workshop, I show you how to manifest a marvellous year. You’ll get clarity, direction, inspiration and enthusiasm for the next twelve months as you:

  • Decide which areas of life you want to focus on.
  • Set a list of meaningful goals that you really want to achieve.
  • Break these goals down into doable steps.
  • Use a metaphysical tool called creative visualisation that will enable you to start manifesting each of your goals today.
  • Find out how you can work towards all of your goals while still remaining in a state of inspiration and flow.

This is a powerful process I do every year. It’s easy and fun to do. It’s way more effective than making new years resolutions. I recorded it at the start of 2015, but it can be done anytime throughout the year – whenever you’re ready to re-energise, refocus and begin a new phase.

What is manifesting? Metaphysical manifesting is the art of bringing something into existence by first imagining it in the mind’s eye. When used alongside other self-empowerment strategies (such as raising your vibration), manifesting helps you achieve your goals more easily and gets you better results.

Tips for doing the workshop:

  • Take your time to do each step properly, particularly step 4, the creative visualisation process.
  • Pause the video while you complete each step.
  • Press play again when you’re ready to move on.
  • The entire workshop should take you about two hours.
  • You can work through it over a number of sittings.
  • Put some inspiring tunes on in the background.
  • Ask your spirit guides to be present to help you manifest most awesomely.

Let me know how you go! Send me an email.