How to Raise Your Vibration: 12 Attunements to a Higher Frequency

how to raise your vibration attunementsAre you concerned about where our world seems to be heading or feeling disillusioned by The System?

Do you sense there is more to reality than meets the eye and a grander purpose for your life and the universe?

Would you like to discover these hidden secrets and go on a mind-expanding journey of spiritual awakening and inner transformation?

This book contains twelve attunements to a higher frequency. These profound yet easy-to-use tools will enable you to raise your vibration and transform every area of your life. With these attunements you will be able to:

  • Break free from The System to live a life doing what you are most passionate about as you discover and commit to your soul’s purpose.
  • Manifest your goals with ease and flow as you energetically attract all of the ideas and resources you need to achieve them.
  • Create instant and lasting shifts in your reality as you clear away disempowering beliefs that are holding you back.
  • Receive insightful and reassuring spiritual guidance as you open your third eye and connect with your spirit guides.
  • Develop happier and more harmonious relationships as you lovingly cut energetic ties with unsupportive people.

And much, much more. These attunements are a unique blend of ancient esoteric wisdom and the latest cutting-edge technologies for personal development. Each attunement consists of a lesson and a corresponding practice.

Each attunement also comes with a powerful guided visualisation (mp3) that will enable you to alter your state of consciousness and journey to the invisible realms so you can experience deep internal shifts.

Planet Earth needs changemakers, lightworkers, seekers and awakeners. It needs activists, creatives, empaths and visionaries. These attunements will give you everything you need to make amazing changes in your life and empower you in the role you are here to play.