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Open Your Third Eye & Journey to Shamanic Worlds

how to open your third eyeAre you interested in spiritual awakening and opening your third eye?

Would you like to know more about other dimensions and altered states of consciousness?

Do you want to contact your spirit guides so you can obtain answers and wisdom to enhance your life?

Working with spirit guides can improve your life in countless ways. They can help you carry out your soul’s purpose with more ease and flow, manifest new projects and goals, see things from new angles, let go of doubt and confusion, and increase your self-love and self-acceptance.

open third eye connect spirit guides

In this program you will learn everything you need to contact your spirit guides and receive help and guidance from them. You’ll be guided step-by-step along an easy to understand path for spiritual awakening, and voyage through the mind-expanding realms of quantum physics and shamanism.

You will also apply your new skills to whatever is currently going on for you, so you can get instant shifts and results.

Benefits & Results

  • Learn about shamanism and master the ancient technique of shamanic journeying.
  • Open your third eye and receive inner visions and messages from the spirit world.
  • Let go of indecision and confusion in your life as you discover how to call upon your spiritual A-team whenever you need help and advice.
  • Learn how to develop trust in the information you are receiving.
  • Develop your intuition, expand your consciousness and raise your vibration.

What’s Included

  • 3 x 45 minute one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions with me via Skype or phone.
  • 3 x jam-packed step-by-step training modules.
  • Guided visualisations that enable you to open your third eye and contact your spirit guides.
  • Shamanic drumming tracks for journeying to the spirit world and receiving inner visions.
  • Certification in Basic Shamanic Journeying.
  • All the instructions and help you need to enjoy the benefits of working with spirit guides and integrate visionary practice into your life.

If you’re interested in signing up for this exciting and intimate one-on-one program with me, please send me an email: