A Revolution of Consciousness

revolution of consciousnessAs humanity voyages into the twenty-first century, we face multiple challenges that threaten our world and our way of life. Climate change, environmental destruction, corporate greed, and resource depletion are just a few.

Although these challenges seem to be sending us towards planetary crisis, they also offer a remarkable opportunity. Because in order to obtain lasting solutions, we must awaken and transform ourselves. We cannot change anything else until we have changed ourselves.

For that reason, we must embrace a new paradigm. A paradigm that recognises our interconnection and interdependence. A paradigm that enables us to live in harmony with each other and our world.

The Movement is Growing

revolution of consciousness movementThankfully, there are many who are now doing just this. You may not yet see much evidence of this in the mainstream media or hear our viewpoints represented by those in power, but there is an ever-growing movement taking shape upon our planet, helping a revolution of consciousness to unfold.

This is no easy task. It requires nothing less than the transformation of the self. But we are making progress. The old paradigm is crumbling. And as it does, a remarkable thing is happening.

We are Awakening

revolution of consciousnessWe are awakening to realise there is far more to reality than meets the eye. We are awakening to realise that we each have a unique purpose for being alive at this time. We are awakening to our true nature as co-creative, multidimensional beings. We are awakening to realise that we are the awareness of the universe, incarnate.

We live in exciting times. Never before have things hung by such a thread, yet never before has there been such potential for humanity. Real transformation won’t come from our current political leaders, but from each and every one of us, doing what we can to help seed a new paradigm of consciousness on Earth.

Keep Going

Any steps we take to transform ourselves help to transform the collective consciousness. As we achieve a critical mass, our world will transform. Keep going, fellow journeyer. You are more powerful than you think.