Russell Brand: Trump Signals a Tipping Point for Real Change

Russell Brand says Donald Trump getting elected shows that people have lost trust in the current system of politics and are ready for change. “How disenchanted, disillusioned, and disempowered can you be, that this seems like a sensible alternative?” he says…. Continue Reading →

The Rainforest Alliance: Follow the Frog

The Rainforest Alliance is helping to lessen deforestation by ensuring that millions of acres of working forests, farms, ranchlands and hotel properties are managed according to rigorous sustainability standards. In this video, the Rainforest Alliance shows you one way you… Continue Reading →

Inspiring New Russell Brand Revolution Video – The Time is Now!

Showcasing the best of Russell Brand’s ideas on why we need a revolution in consciousness alongside a moving soundtrack, this video summarises everything from the problems of the current corporate and political elite system, to the philosophy of the Occupy movement, to the need for a spiritual awakening in which we all recognise love, compassion and oneness.

Evidence of a Global Shift in Consciousness: News and Trends in 2013

An article I wrote with Ross Pittman for Conscious Life News. Here at Conscious Life News, we think we’ve seen some pretty exciting trends this year that indicate a global shift in consciousness has begun. We’re not saying everything’s perfect… just that there have been positive developments that indicate the shift is alive and kicking, and will continue to take shape, provided we all keep doing our bit.

2013 – How We Got Our Shift Together

We’ve chiseled away at the old paradigm in doable ways, we’ve overcome challenges as we’ve grounded the new paradigm more prominently into our lives, and we’ve grown more spiritually mature as we’ve started to accept what’s required to create lasting change.

Occupy Builds Homes For Homeless

August 2013 Occupy Madison, part of the global Occupy movement, is building tiny homes in the city of Madison, Wisconsin, for the homeless people who live there. Indeed. Each home resembles a rather cute garden shed and contains a bed,… Continue Reading →

Finding Infinity With Julian Assange: A Meeting of Two Activists

August 2013 Ross Harding, the founder and director of a renewable energy activism project called Finding Infinity, has won a competition to be flown to London to meet with WikiLeaks founder and Australian Senate candidate Julian Assange. Ross won the Deakin… Continue Reading →

The Coming Global Spiritual Revolution

This is an amazing speech by Rainn Wilson on the coming global spiritual revolution that must happen in order for us to move forward as a human race. “The young people are gonna need to take the reigns here and… Continue Reading →

Spiritual Revolution: The Biggest Shift Of Our Time

We are living in a time of spiritual revolution. “The most revolutionary change underlying the transformative era in the next half century is the demise of religion and the rise of spirituality,” says Alan Nordstrom, a professor of English at… Continue Reading →

Why You Should Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

In The Twelve Attunements, Sophie discovers she has been given a unique task by a transcendental being called El-Quan-Tem. Realising this is her purpose, Sophie commits to doing whatever it takes to carry out her task. Would you like to… Continue Reading →

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