The Twelve Attunements: A Fun and Inspiring Story of Spiritual Awakening

visionary fiction spiritual awakening free spiritual bookWhen young journalist Sophie Archer discovers that a secret group of global elites is trying to control the world, she sets out to inform the public. But the conspiracy is bigger than she suspects, and she is launched on a cosmic journey with two bizarre friends.

As she encounters UFOs, higher-vibrational beings, inter-dimensional aliens, and an all-encompassing awareness, she learns that humanity is only a fraction of a vast, universal society. She becomes part of a collective of beings who have chosen to help take power back from the global elites and transform the world.

Mind-expanding, hilarious, and suspiciously similar to real-life, The Twelve Attunements will introduce you to ideas about metaphysics, consciousness, and spiritual awakening in entertaining and easy-to-understand ways. As you follow the colourful characters on their conspiracy-fuelled quest, you will also be subtly guided along your own journey of transformation.

“There were moments throughout where I felt that the story really hit home for me personally. I actually physically felt tingles from head to toe as some attunements were achieved… seriously amazing!” – Jonathon Flavel, Melbourne

“A very clever book and also very readable. The Twelve Attunements has all the spaciness of a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy but with a good healthy dose of Harry Potter adventure thrown in.” – Amazon review

“From the newsroom to distant planets, this author has taken me on both a visual and informative journey across the cosmos. Don’t wait for the movie… read the book!” – Smashwords review

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“This book is comparable to “The Celestine Prophecy” and “The Secret of Shambhala” both by James Redfield because of the underlying theme of life affirming truths – i.e. intuition, synchronicity, and spiritual transformation.” – Amazon review

“This book is conspiracy fiction at its best. With blends of spirituality, geopolitics and fantasy, it is sure to tickle your literary taste buds.” – The Conspiracy Review

“You will treasure reading “The Twelve Attunements” and become thoroughly engaged in a woven story of UFOs, and ET contact. The story has so much profound information presented in an exciting and clear format. This is truly a gift one should give to themselves and to the special people in their lives.” – Amazon review

“An amazing, grounded, highly visual sci-fi fantasy adventure that brings together a range of themes that us humans have been questioning for some time. The true power of this story will be displayed on the big screen one day.” – Smashwords review

“A great, original story weaving together topics on conspiracy, spirituality, UFOs and extraterrestrials, consciousness, the new world order… This book will keep you wondering what is going on behind the scenes and the possibilities of change needed for Earth and humanity to survive.” – Goodreads review

“A fantastic read from the first page until the end! I didn’t think it would be my cup of tea as I’m not that into spirituality, but having now finished the book, I await the next book eagerly!” – Amazon review

“Delightful and engaging adventure that will be certain to entertain all age groups – and hopefully also inspire some curiosity about the innumerable tantalising snippets of alternative and fringe topics which have been integrated so seamlessly into the story. Wonderful stuff!” – Goodreads review