Transformational Coaching

life coaching perthTransformational Life Coaching for Creative, Empathic and Spiritual Individuals

  • Are you stuck in a rut or bored with your daily routine?
  • Do you know you are capable of more, but you’re not quite sure how to achieve it?
  • Are you suffering from overwhelm or analysis-paralysis?
  • Do you feel like fears, disempowering beliefs and old patterns are holding you back?
  • Do you have a vision, but you’re unclear how to make it happen?
  • Are you on a spiritual path, looking for ways to deepen your self-awareness and let go of anything that no longer serves you?

spiritual coaching perthHaving a coach enables you to solve all of these problems and make some amazing changes in your life. It provides a practical path for transformation that helps you stay focused, grounded and committed as you evolve – all under the watchful guidance of a qualified professional.

Your coaching program can be as light or intense as you need it to be. During a free introductory consultation, I will work with you to design a program that suits your needs.

Benefits & Results

  • Gain excitement and enthusiasm as you discover your life purpose and align with it in real and doable ways.
  • Experience happiness and freedom as you cut energetic ties with people and relationships that no longer serve you.
  • Clearly define your vision and let go of any fears, patterns and disempowering beliefs that stand in your way.
  • Get out of your boring day job and feel awesome as you start living the life of your dreams.
  • Create amazing and fulfilling relationships.
  • Grow and expand your business.
  • Set goals and start manifesting them immediately.
  • Develop your accountability and increase your productivity.
  • Stay focused, motivated and on track to meet your targets and deadlines.
  • Develop your self-mastery and intuition.

Offered long-distance via Skype/phone and at my private practice, located in the Mandurah & Rockingham area of Perth, WA. Remote sessions are just as transformational as in-person sessions.

How Much Does a Session Cost?

The fee for each session is $150. Please allow approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

For a free consultation* and your own unique program design, enter your email address here: 

* This is entirely obligation-free. Most people are so amazed at what can be achieved through coaching that they sign up immediately. If you don’t think it is right for you, I won’t mind!

“Cassandra has been instrumental in my personal growth over the past few months we have been working together. She has assisted me in many areas of my life and most importantly for me, by holding me accountable to my goals set. I have enjoyed working with Cassandra and continue to do so.” – Deborah Gallagher

“Cassandra is awesome. I am absolutely certain that she will help me attain my vision for both Conscious Life News and my brand new healing business.” – Ross Pittman

“I learnt so much with your help and really got back on track. You helped me sort things out and do a big emotional cleanup. And its still going very well. Thanks again for all your help and wisdom.”- Phoebe Dixon

“Cassandra helped me to set and work towards goals in key areas of my life.” – Jessica Malone

“After a session with Cass, I see myself making changes to my everyday challenges and decisions, I now apply my learning to help me through each day in order to better myself. I can already see a change within myself and how I think.” – Stephanie Smith

“I just wanna say thanks so much for everything you have done for me so far. You’ve really helped me figure out what I want for my life and how to go about getting it. The techniques you have taught me are so simple and so effective, I know I am going to continue using them throughout my life. It’s great having you there as a real motivator and for moral support, when I get stuck you show me how to get moving forward again. Not only that but you will always tell me how it is and not just sprinkle hundreds of thousands all over it! Thanks for teaching me how to reach my dreams and create a fulfilling life.” – Rebecca Leach

“Thank you Cassandra for being such an inspiring, strong, empowered, awesome woman and for sharing yourself with the world.” – Sandra Sanders

“Thank you so much for your outstanding coaching session last night.” – Mary Crandles