What age group is The Twelve Attunements suitable for?


The Twelve Attunements is a fun and exciting story about spiritual awakening and global conspiracy. It’s for people who are frustrated by the system, concerned about our planet and want to raise their vibration while they’re being entertained. But what age group is suitable for? Some people say it’s a young adult novel, others say it’s spiritual fiction. Well, here’s the answer:


The writing style is suitable for anyone from the age of 15. It’s an easy read. It flows. It’s fun. You can knock off the whole book in a couple of weeks if you want. I’ve had emails from some people who have read it in a day.

The themes however are slightly more complex. Is there a global conspiracy? If so, who’s behind it and why? Is there a divine force in the universe? If so, who or what’s behind that and why? How do we reconcile the mess our planet is in?  Is there a global awakening and how do we all do our bit? What are the steps to spiritual awakening? What part is each and every one of us here to play in this cosmic game?

So if you’d like to read about mind-expanding spiritual awakening ideas and global conspiracy stuff in a fun and easy-to-understand book, you’ll enjoy The Twelve Attunements, no matter how old you are.

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